Playroom Plaza


The Playroom Plaza provides a wealth of resources for the children to explore. This environment provides the stimulation and the positive relationships that support children to feel safe enough to explore.
The children need to feel at home before they have confidence to develop relationships and communicate, so therefore, we have designed a cosy space where children can feel secure, relaxed and in control.

Our construction area teaches children to be flexible thinkers and this develops a sense of control and self-esteem. Providing inspiring materials is the key to promoting constructive play. The open ended nature of blocks means there is no prescribed method or expected outcome. Children feel free to have a go and each experiment encourages the next.

Playroom Plaza paint play

Our Creative and Messy Area provides children with varied opportunities for creative self-expression and exploration. Children can explore a variety of materials, tools and techniques experiment with colour, design and texture.
We have a designated homework area creating a welcoming space that’s comfortable and distraction free. Children are supported by a staff member at all times giving them the reassurance that they may require to complete tasks.