3 years to 5 years

Half day rate: £14.50 – includes 1x funded session deduction
(7am to 12pm) or (1pm to 6pm)

Full day rate: £25.50 – includes 2x funded sessions deduction
(7am to 6pm)

Full week rate: £137.50 – includes 5x funded sessions deduction
(7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday)

Each child can have a maximum of 5x funded sessions deducted per week, provided they have signed a contract for 5.

For those attending half day sessions, we can provide a nutritional 2 course lunch between 12pm to 1pm at an additional cost of £5 per day.

All fees are inclusive of meals, snacks, drinks, nappies, wipes and lotions (not sun protection lotion).

A discount will be available for siblings with full week attendance (available to the eldest child).

Pre-School Funding in Partnership with South Lanarkshire Council

Children are eligible to claim the Early Years Funding from the term after they have reached three years of age.

Three intakes per year: August (birthday’s 1st March to 31st August), January (birthday’s 1st September to 31st December),and March (birthday’s 1st January to 28th February),

All children who qualify for partnership funding will have their fees reduced accordingly.

2 half days

Pay Here

3 half days

Pay Here

4 half days

Pay Here

5 half days

Pay Here

1 Full Day

Pay Here

2 Full Days

Pay Here

3 Full Days

Pay Here

4 Full Days

Pay Here

1 Full Week

Pay Here

All funded Pre-School fee’s are payable monthly or weekly in advance by Standing Order, Bank Transfer, Child Care Vouchers, Credit/Debit Cards, Cheque or Cash.

No fees will be payable/charged when the premises are closed (Christmas week, Easter weekend and Bank holidays).

All fees are inclusive of meals, snacks, drinks, nappies and wipes.

A discount will be available for siblings with full week attendance (available to the eldest child).

Please note: late collection of children shall incur a penalty (at management discretion).

Important: Nursery overheads and expenses do not diminish if a child is absent. Full fees are payable even if your child is ill. Please discuss any serious long-term illness with the nursery manager.

Late payment charge of £25 will be added to those accounts who are not cleared by the 20th of each month.

Notice Period

Notice of withdrawal

One month’s notice of withdrawal, in writing, must be given or a month’s fees paid in lieu of notice.

Notice of Changes

One month’s notice in writing must be given for any changes in your child’s sessions.