Breakfast Club

07:00 – 09:00

All breakfast club fee’s are inclusive of meals, snacks and drinks.

1 Morning

Pay Here

3 Mornings

Pay Here

4 Mornings

Pay Here

1 Full Week

Pay Here

All breakfast club fee’s are payable monthly or weekly in advance by Standing Order, Bank Transfer, Child Care Vouchers, Credit/Debit Cards, Cheque or Cash.

No fees will be payable/charged when the premises are closed (Christmas week, Easter weekend and Bank holidays).

All fees are inclusive of meals, snacks and drinks.

Important: OSC overheads and expenses do not diminish if a child is absent. Full fees are payable even if your child is ill. Please discuss any serious long-term illness with the OSC manager.

Late payment charges of £25 will be applied to those accounts not cleared by 20th of each month.

Notice Period

Notice of withdrawal

One month’s notice of withdrawal, in writing, must be given or a month’s fees paid in lieu of notice.

Notice of Changes

One month’s notice in writing must be given for any changes in your child’s sessions.